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“COVID-19 will be with us in the long term”

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Director of Oxford Vaccine group

“COVID-19 will be with us in the long term”

Says the Director of Oxford Vaccine group, he goes onto say “vaccines alone will not eliminate transmission”

With the news that the Delta variant of COVID-19 has a higher transmission rate due to infected persons having a far higher viral load, it is now more important than ever for all organisations to consider how they can mitigate infection risk.  

Although vaccines are playing a major role in infection control, we cannot rely on them as the only solution as they do not offer 100% protection, with people testing positive even after two doses of the vaccine. In light of this, Professor Sir Andrew Pollard, director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, has warned that herd immunity is “not a possibility” through the use of the vaccine, due to the current Delta variant.

Professor Pollard also expects that a variant could emerge that is better at transmitting in vaccinated populations.

It is also inevitable that some variants will arise that the vaccine will not offer protection against, according to Paul Hunter, professor of health protection and medicine at the University of East Anglia.

In the short term, the use of face masks and social distancing are providing increased protection, however COVID-19 is expected to be circulating for decades, or even centuries to come, according to Professor Hunter.

Paul Waldeck, PP-L’s Chief Technical Officer says, “In the present, complying with current workplace regulations are a short-term solution. Employers can exceed compliance and become resilient, ready for whatever the future may bring, through our long-term solutions that make use of the disinfecting powers of Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV).”

“PP-L’s GUV solutions offer a safe, scientifically validated and cost-effective solution to ensuring adequate air quality through disinfecting or sterilising the air, inactivating all known pathogens, including coronavirus.”

“Organisations should be aware that they can act now to increase workplace safety and future-proof their operations.”

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