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Super tax deductions could fund the route to a lockdown-free future

12.03.2021 | View Article

Australia recognises Covid as airborne: Will the UK be next?

02.03.2021 | View Article
COVID is airborne

Treating Covid like the flu and not like SARS is failing

11.02.2021 | View Article
UV-C was successfully used in combating SARS in 2003

Beware of hot air in new ventilation guidelines

09.02.2021 | View Article

PP-L partners with fabrication giant Blackrow

05.02.2021 | View Article
UV-C has proven successful in tackling previous coronaviruses

Ten-day hotel quarantine could spread Covid

02.02.2021 | View Article

Clean air is crucial for containing coronavirus

22.12.2020 | View Article
COVID-19 vaccine

Vaccination on its own will not defeat Covid-19

15.12.2020 | View Article
Neils Ryberg Finsen portrait

Celebrating Niels Ryberg Finsen

15.12.2020 | View Article
Children wearing face masks in school

UV-C is the only way to keep schools open

03.11.2020 | View Article
Dr Rhys Thomas joins PP-L Health Technology Solutions

Dr Rhys Thomas joins PP-L Health Technology Solutions

30.10.2020 | View Article
Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, London, UK

PP-L publishes open letter to MPs

02.10.2020 | View Article