Germicidal UV-C disinfection is where Ultraviolet light of short a wavelength is emitted to inactivate/kill microorganisms by destroying their nucleic acids, which dismantles their RNA & DNA, therefore destroying their structures and neutralising them. This is also known as UltraViolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)

Yes – Studies and tests over the decades demonstrate that UV-C light kills coronavirus’, MERS, SARS, SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and even the vaccine resistant viruses like MRSA.

This technology has been around for over 200 years and over 100 years ago, Dr Niels Finsen won the Noble prize for Medicine for his use of UV against the deadly airborne disease, Tuberculosis.

Our manufacturing partner is the oldest company in this field of medical technology, supplying “blue-chip” clients around the globe for over 80 years and was also successful in the first SARS Coronavirus crisis back in 2003.

UV-C will affect the skin and eyes with direct light exposure, so we design and specify our products as a blend of solutions that are installed, maintained and safely used in everyday life, in such a way that human or animal tissue cannot come into direct contact with UV-C light exposure. Our air-treatment products can run 24/7 under normal working conditions with humans and animals benefitting from breathing in safer, cleaner, disinfected air (99.99% or more microbes destroyed).

UV-C destroys in excess of 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and pathogens in the air and on surfaces but nevertheless, it is still good practice to carry out standard cleaning as you normally would do and indeed, your cleaning staff can go about their duties more safely and in confidence knowing that after a few minutes of room surface treatment from our direct UV-C light products, that the surfaces of the workstations, furniture and objects they interact with will be safe for them to touch, lift or wipe.

UV-C lighting can be used in a variety of applications and across all aspects of what used to be called everyday life. We design and deploy air infection intervention techniques into Heating, Ventilation, Air- Conditioning (HVAC) systems and can also retrospectively provide our air disinfection solutions into rooms which do not have HVAC systems. One solution is UV-C Upper Room Emitters, which can also be fan assisted.

We can fit products into liquids, such as in water systems to sterilise the drinking water or to reduce bio-hazard in waste water sewage. We also provide surface treatment solutions using our wall fixed units, ceiling fixed units and lab-top/workstation units and UV-Disinfection Robots.

Devices can be used for mobile equipment such as conveyor belts and we have developed transport solutions too. Really, the list of safe and hygienic environment applications is virtually endless, provided that the appropriate blend of our UV-C solutions and fail-safes are in place.

Yes – Along with the Government’s guidelines, i.e. management practices, UV-C will assist you to create as safe a workplace environment as is reasonably practicable, as the Health & Safety at Work Act defines.

We at PP-L have been fast-tracked onto the Government’s Approved Covid-19 response key suppliers list.

Yes – We can design and specify different models and bespoke products for you to suit any safe application and environment. Principally, for the built environment and transport, we are dealing with either air treatment or surface treatment or a combination of both.

If the air treatment units are placed in the HVAC system or retrospectively fitted to the ceiling or wall, does it take long to kill airborne bacteria and viruses that people could be breathing in or exhaling out?

The air in a room is constantly being extracted and as it rapidly passes the UV-C tubes in the AC unit, HVAC ducting or for our retrofitted units, it kills pathogens, viruses and bacteria each time the air passes the light, thus the air is constantly being cleaned.

Airborne pathogens and microbes are transmitted by the inhalation of saliva droplets which are from the throat or nasally secreted into the air at high velocities when somebody sneezes or coughs. These throat and nasal secretions are droplets of saliva which may contain harmful viruses or bacteria. It is widely accepted by scientists that Coronavirus and other similar harmful micro-organisms are transmitted in the larger respiratory particles band from such secretions and these heavier particles can travel 1.5 metres, hence the guidance about 2 metres safe distancing around the globe by every government. It is also worthy of note that these heavier droplets do fall quickly to the ground or onto a work-surface below, and are larger than 10 micrometres in diameter.

However, smaller droplets (aerosols) can remain in an air system or surrounding air for up to 3 hours if the air in a room remains undisturbed or longer in damp chilled environments, such as food factories. Our systems, as stand-alone retrofit applications or in conjunction with installations into existing HVAC systems, are constantly disrupting, and re-distributing the air. As the air in a room is drawn up rapidly (convection), it passes through the re-distribution system where our technology, when fitted, is able to inactivate any harmful microbes in that air within a fraction of a second. Another of our systems is also able to disinfect the air at the top of the room, upper room emitters, meaning that the smaller saliva droplets, below the 10 micrometre size, will be decontaminated very quickly as soon as they are within range of the system. These are ideal for smaller rooms, meeting rooms, shops, hotels, restaurants and so on.

Having talked about the small particles of airborne droplets, if we now revisit the subject of those larger droplets that fall to ground very quickly or onto work surfaces, these will be the area with the highest concentration of microbes.

These surfaces need to be cleaned quickly after someone fails to cover their mouth and nose when they sneeze or cough, as these are the most likely places that any virus will be transmitted. Conventional cleaning with hot water and bleach is good for the immediate risk reduction on those surfaces. Coronavirus has been shown to live up to 7 days on surfaces depending upon the nature of those surfaces, and also, they could replicate in that time.

Our technology is capable of producing a surface disinfection and sterilisation solution which decontaminates all surfaces within view of the UV-C fittings within a matter of minutes if you want to be absolutely sure. However, surface disinfection must be undertaken in the absence of people or animals because exposure to UV-C radiation is affecting skin and eyes. Disinfecting workspaces after hours or between shifts or on timers ensures that the workspace is highly covid-secure for people to come into the next time allocated.

Surface disinfection of objects, products, goods or return items is easy with our UV-C surface irradiation units too. One needs to be sure that the item you/your customers are about to remove from that package or try on from that shop or the surfaces of the room that you are staying in that hotel are not just clean but disinfected or even, sterile.

Yes – our Swiss manufactured UV-C products, developed over 80 years, are arguably the best in the world. They are compliant to the highest quality standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FDA Approved and are CE Marked, which means that they comply with every law and regulation relating to the various categories that relate to such product throughout the European Union and the UK.

We recommend that our light tubes are replaced every 12,000 hours, which is still a long time before end of life so as to sustain a very high standard of efficacy. They are then, really easy to maintain and replace…. just like light bulbs!

Yes – We have all appropriate Employers’, Public and Professional Indemnity Insurances.

Yes – we do this and we have an approved list of installers throughout the UK and Europe. Some clients have their own qualified technicians at their facilities or building services engineering contractors and for such circumstances, if we are satisfied after undertaking a quick competency assessment, then we are prepared to simply contract with you on a design, specification and supply only basis. We also have a network of independent Chartered Engineering Consultants that can check and certify adequacy of commissioning, if you require.

Yes – we can provide a bespoke maintenance supply agreements to suit your needs.

No – They cost the same to run than a standard filament light

By using UV-C technology to disinfect your workplace, you are showing your employees, colleagues, suppliers, visitors and clients that you are treating their safety and well-being as paramount.

You are supporting your ability to be compliant with regulations and also protect your business. Psychologically, this is extremely re-assuring too and so, people are going to be confident, comfortable and productive in the spaces that you provide. It’s not just about doing the right thing, it’s also about, being seen to be ‘Doing the Right Thing’!

Dependent on the demand, volume of orders, size and nature of your order at a given point in time, we aim to have your products to your desired location within a matter of a few weeks from order, however we will confirm this with you once you are in a position to confirm an order with us.

No. Please contact us and we will design a Covid-Secure solution based on your budget, free of charge, on a no obligation basis, all to suit your risk and user requirements, to create a safer environment. Please also be assured that you will be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective our solutions are.

As for all of our products, they are safe as long as you are not exposed to the UV for lengths of time, as it can cause damage to the skin and eyes. However, these robots come with 3 different layers of protection which turn the light off if there is someone in the area.

Our robots are fully autonomous and are capable of mapping buildings to create the most efficient cleaning route through their cutting-edge AI. Very little human interaction is needed for these robots, as you only need to connect it to the cloud-based system and set times and frequency for the robot to start its own cleaning routine.

These robots are extremely low maintenance as the only part that needs replacing is the bulbs, which need to be replaced every 9,000 hours of use, to ensure that the germicidal power of the UV is kept at an optimum level.  The service can be carried out by our trained technicians and all software updates can be installed via the cloud, allowing for the robots to be performing at peak efficiency all the time, without the need for us to come out and do the update for you.

All of our products have a 2 warranty. These products are extremely reliable and rarely have any issues which cannot be solved remotely by our skilled team of technicians.