Ventilation System Improvements


Ventilation Design Improvements

Our qualified professional engineers will review your systems and report on the potential solutions to protect your inside environment to a new level against viral transmission.

Integrating UV-C disinfection directly into your ventilation system is an effective infection prevention solution.

Engineered UV-C devices can be deployed in the HVAC ductwork, near the filter and coils, to suit the duct size, airflow velocity (contact time), temperature range, humidity, target microbe and target inactivation level (i.e., clean, disinfected or sterilised air).



Reduces the risk of contamination through the air – The UV-C device inactivates all known pathogens, including COVID-19


Safe and reliable



Can be easily retrofitted into an existing air duct



Can be used 24/7



Chemical free disinfection technology



Perfect addition to indoor air filter technology



For use in all temperature ranges