Water Disinfection

water disinfection

The various possibilities of UV-C disinfection in water result from different designs.

Flow reactors are installed in pipelines designed for certain volume flows and are particularly suitable for disinfection of cooling towers, hot and cold water systems and bore-hole abstracted water for drinking or processing.

In contrast, for hot water systems, UV-C is used to combat biofilms (a thick layer of microbes) on immersion heaters and is combined with effective water treatment in the tank. If the water quality is very poor, our UV-C emitters, thanks to their non-contact design and thin treatment layers, offer water treatment for industrial process water.

Benefits of our water UV-C emitters

Made of the highest quality stainless steel corrosion resistant materials


Easy to integrate into systems for the safe disinfection of service and drinking water

Many are inexpensive

Meet all requirements for safe water disinfection

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