Air Cleaning

Air Purification Solutions

Only two types of intervention are supported by regulators and institutions around the world, consistently, in the event of inadequate ventilation: HEPA Filters and/or UV based devices (Germicidal UVC Air Disinfection).

PP-L Biosafety can quickly assess your operations environment, occupational risks, interior configuration and constraints. We will then offer you the correct and most appropriate devices or blend of solutions to help you exceed compliance and protect those indoor spaces better.

All of our air purification technologies are British or European made. All have been proven in real-world credentials against pathogens, whether in Covid-19 hospital wards, food factories with dangerous bacteria or airborne spores, or conventional settings at work, travel or leisure. The devices we offer have all the necessary laboratory testing validation, proving the highest levels of intervention and sterilisation in some cases. All devices are CE Marked for all EU Regulatory compliance; most have been pre-approved by the NHS to be used across their facilities and also the whole public sector; whilst our devices are medical grade, thesy can better protect those in the private sector too.

HEPA Filters

We supply a range of portable HEPA Filter devices that are capable of filtering air at rates in the range of 250m3/hour to 25,000m3 per hour. Our most common devices for conventional environments are extremely quiet, to background levels.

All have pre-filters to remove larger particulate matter such as dust or pollen prior to the air reaching the HEPA Filters which are geared to the virus, bacteria and spore interventions. Some of our devices also have anti-copper microbial screens also; and so have all of the above with UVC disinfection lamps too.

Our HEPA devices are specified to exceed the compliance levels of 6 Air Changes per Hour.

These devices are amongst the most powerful on the market, coupled with the highest levels of compliance and provenance to make you safer.

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