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We are a unique team of Chartered Engineers, Medical Doctors, Scientists, and Professional Architects who are expert at helping to better protect any type of interior environment from airborne respiratory hazards, including pathogens such as RSV, Influenza, Tuberculosis,  Coronaviruses, Aspergillus and other fungal spores.

Our bio-hazard mitigation services and products break the pathway to respiratory health & safety risks with Engineered IPC methodologies that Regulators support, and are scientifically proven to quickly and effectively remove hazards, quickly delivering optimally clean and healthy air to breathe within fully occupied interior environments.

Buildings have the power to make us sick or, they can keep us well. Our experts focus on continuous, rapid but occupier-safe air decontamination techniques using natural & mechanical air ventilation systems; medical-grade air purifiersHEPA & Ultraviolet Filters to make spaces achieve a safer “normal” for the workforce and visitors, make facilities operationally resilient, future-ready, safe and compliant.

We Provide Ventilation & Air Purification Systems Across All Sectors

View our Commercial Air Purification Devices

This is a small sample of all our Commercial Air Purification devices, from Medical Grade HEPA Filters to UV Disinfection Robots.  We have the Air Cleaning products, and expertise inhouse, to ensure your environmental space is protected, and Covid Secure.

PP-L Biosafety is a recognised leader in commercial ventilation, air filtration, air hygiene and air purification, to protect you and your workforce better.

PP-L Biosafety quickly assesses your operational environment, occupational risks, interior configuration, ventilation provision, and other relevant constraints.

Our professionally qualified team will then propose the correct and most appropriate solutions to help you exceed compliance and protect those interior spaces better from infection risk from ALL common pathogens, including the highly airborne Coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Air Quality & Ventilation Solutions

Our Commercial Ventilation Solutions ensure the air you breathe indoors is safer.  All our ventilation solutions have proven real-world credentials.  The solutions we provide are not just pathogen agnostic, they are variant agnostic. Whether in safety-critical environments or more conventional settings at work, or in the home, whether Covid Delta, Omicron, or whatever next, you will be safer.

Infection Prevention & Control across the sectors

Meticulously assessed and selected Infection Prevention by our uniquely expert multi-disciplinary team and global scientific network – the solutions and portfolio of products we supply are optimal: safe-tried, tested, proven and specified to re-create a safe, confident normal for your specific occupational environmental.

We are an Approved Supplier to the NHS and the Public Sector under the new call-off for “Air Purification & Decontamination”.

We are sole listed on the British Government’s “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Group of Key Suppliers” in our specialist field, providing pandemic resilience.

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“Even if we do have a vaccine, it won’t end the pandemic on its own. We must all learn to control & manage this virus using the tools we have.”

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, World Health Organisation Director-General

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