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PP-L is a Global Health Technology provider which specialises in the eradication of bacteria, viruses and pathogen risks using a range of germicidal UV-C devices.

At our core, we have decades of expertise and databases on the behaviour of 35,000 microbes, including coronavirus, to call upon to help us model contamination hazards-pathways-receptors which enables us to design, supply, install and maintain solutions which kill bacteria, micro-organisms and deadly pathogens in the Air, on Surfaces and in Liquids to create safe environments for people to go about their business, their day, their work, their travel and enjoy a safer, better quality of life.

It is reassuring to know that the technologies that we deploy have been tried, tested and proven for 80+ years in industries & environments that otherwise, can present a serious risk to human health & safety such as in operating theatres, laboratories, bio-sciences, meat production facilities…

Prior to the latest coronavirus pandemic, all other “everyday life” environments never needed to consider or deal with such prevalent, contagious, and deadly pathogens. It is clear from the World Health Organisation and almost the whole scientific community, that airborne and surface transmission are how Covid-19 spreads. PP-L’s solutions inactivate and destroy coronavirus on surfaces and in the air more effectively than any other technology or filtration method available.

PP-L are the only UV-C health technology provider on the British Government’s Coronavirus (Covid-19) Response List of key suppliers, and are Catalogued by the CCS under Medical Services.

PP-L seek to Protect People’s Lives, to future-proof and protect us all against the current threat, the next wave and next types of pathogens or pandemics that may develop in the years ahead

Protect today, future-proof for tomorrow.