About PP-L - PP-L Health Technology Solutions

An Introduction to PP-L Bio-safety

We are Biosafety Experts. Our team of Chartered Engineers, Scientists and Medical Professionals help organisations around the world go beyond government guidance to make their operations even safer, more resilient and future-ready.

Dr Rhys Thomas

Dr Rhys Thomas M.M.’B.Bs. M.D. F.R.C.A. Dip.I.M.C. R.C.’Ed.
Chief Medical & Scientific Officer – Executive Director

Rhys is a former military Doctor; he trained and undertook his PhD at the globally renowned: Defence, Science & Technology Laboratories at Porton Down; he is a Consultant Anaesthetist; an expert in biological pathogens and respiratory diseases; one of the only two successful winners of the U.K. Government’s Covid Ventilator Challenge to invent, gain regulatory approval and to take to market, a highly effective new ventilator to treat coronavirus patients; and has returned, part-time, to the frontline of the N.H.S. to help in the fight against Covid.

Alongside his work treating patients with coronavirus at U.K. hospitals, Dr Thomas leads on the medical and scientific aspects of PP-L’s solutions to help organisations prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens in their operational activities.

Paul Waldeck

Paul Waldeck B.Eng.(Hons.) C.Eng. MI.C.E. M.I.Struct.E.
Chief Technical Officer – Executive Director

Paul is a Chartered Engineer with 35 years of experience in design, construction, maintenance and refurbishment of safety-critical environments and facilities. He has been involved and led some of the most extensive capital programmes in the built environment; worked in nuclear, chemicals, food production, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, health, transport, and all the conventional sectors of the built environment in his career too.

Paul successfully built a world-leading specialist A.E.C. Consultancy over 25 years, which he sold in 2018. He founded PPL as soon as the first news about the pathogen SARS-Coronavirus-2 broke because he knew that the specialist interventions essential to safety-critical environments would be needed to help protect people in conventional interior settings this new, highly infectious airborne pathogen.

Mark Wheatley

Mark Wheatley B.Eng.(Hons). C.Eng. M.C.I.B.S.E. M.E.B.A. M.A.B.S.A. A.M.I.S.T.R.
Lead Consultant - Biosafety

Mark is one of the leading experts in the field of bio-containment. He is also a Chartered Engineer with over twenty years of continuous experience in the management, design, operation and maintenance of laboratory facilities. Mark specialises in peer review, investigation and remediation of high containment laboratory facilities and their engineering services.

Mark has been an expert advisor and contributor to standards, guidance, and training for institutions such as the World Health Organisation, the European Union, various international governments, and private industry clients worldwide relating to bio-containment facilities. Like others in the team, Mark can share that highly specialist expertise to help Clients protect more conventional environments, manage bio-risk, improve bio-safety and create bio-resilience.

Jason Boyle

Jason Boyle BA(Hons)Int. Dip.Arch. PG.Dip. A.R.B. F.R.S.A. F.R.I.B.A.
Lead Consultant – Built Environment

In 2017, Chartered Architect, Jason, became the youngest Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architecture in its almost 200-year history; then, in 2018, he achieved Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts (R.S.A.). He is now an ambassador for Architecture in the Civil and Engineering sector, having spent the last 12 years of his career in the Nuclear Industry. Jason is currently architectural and design lead on an £800m+ “Mega Project” in Cumbria, a safety-critical environment and for the U.K., is a project of national importance.

Jason has previously worked in commercial practice in London, Leeds and Manchester. He has designed cancer centres, laboratories, factories, offices, social housing, warehouses, churches, and schools.


Our R&D Lead is based in Switzerland is a scientist and environmental Engineer, expert in germicidal UV solutions; a contributor to the new DIN Standards for the EU with respect to deployment of Environmental Engineering & Technological Controls to create pandemic resilience.

Our Chief Consultant is based in the USA and is one of the world’s leading authorities on microbial inactivation using germicidal UV.

Our Lead Microbiological Consultant has his own UK team of 200 scientists and laboratory available to validate the efficacy of our design solutions.

Our Partner UV solutions provider, the world’s oldest manufacturer in the field of UV sterilisation & disinfection, has made available to us both of their laboratories and their 80 year old database and research data on UV air and surface inactivation of microbes.