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Investing in infection control can potentially offset 130% of the capital cost, protecting your balance sheet and your business.

The government and businesses want to get back to a sensible normality, create a less disrupted economy and they want workforces across the sectors to be safe, confident, and productive in the ‘new normal’. By making environments safer from airborne coronavirus infection in the first place:- businesses will protect their workforces, be compliant, less disrupted, achieve higher levels of productivity and secure a commercial advantage

The COVID-19 pandemic has the potential to cause enormous commercial and civil dispute risks but also, write-down risks for businesses, asset owners, insurers, investors and banks unless some form of simple mitigation can be provided to reduce those business risks.

To some companies, this balance sheet adjustment or company value reduction could lead to it breaching its financial covenants with its lenders or investors. Or a contract disrupted because of operational disruption can lead to a lack of performing a contract adequately leading to loss and dispute

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PP-L's Solutions

Our solutions can keep your workforce safer but also protect the health of your business and give it an advantage against competitors.

Airborne transmission

COVID-19 is primarily transmitted through respiratory droplets, which spread into the air from an infected person’s breath. Some of these settle onto surfaces where they can be touched by others but rarely does this route cause infection. ( WHO states that no surface transmitted Covid cases recorded, and CDC say 1:10,00 chance via surface contamination). The primary means of transmission is through inhaling the smallest of these infected droplets (aerosols), which can linger in the air for hours and spread.

This form of transmission isn’t unique to COVID-19; other coronaviruses such as the common cold, norovirus and flu can be transmitted in this way, along with other deadly pathogens such as measles and tuberculosis.

By reducing the risk of airborne transmission, you can protect your employees and customers from COVID-19 and other illnesses which can disrupt your business operations and lead to sickness, absences or closures. Healthy workers are also more productive workers, giving your business a further boost.

Our solutions

Due to the low installation and running cost of our solutions and their proven effectiveness against the transmission of germs and viruses, you can recoup the cost quickly and easily.

To reduce the risk of people being infected by contaminated air, it’s important to ensure that the air within a room is changed or disinfected regularly. Based on 80 years of research and scientific evidence, our Technical Team will design, specify systems and supply optimal products and solutions which can provide clean air for your organisation. Your workforce can breathe safely in a manner that exceeds compliance recommendations.

As the pandemic escalates and the viral risk changes, more businesses are going above and beyond government guidance to make their environments safer. Adequate Ventilation, Medical Grade HEPA and UV Filters are the best ways to supplement or exceed mandatory Covid-secure Guidance

Whether it is HEPA or GUV ceiling light fixtures, Upper Room GUV emitters, GUV retrofitted into the ducting of air conditioning systems, there is a wide range of steps that can be taken to protect any indoor environment if you cannot achieve adequate ventilation of 6 Clean Air Changes per Hour.

How you can claim the capital expense back

Better yet, HMRC recognises these as “integral fixtures” and fully tax-deductible “plant & machinery”. The cost of PP-L Biosafety’s systems can be offset against corporation tax and may be available to an eligible business, investing in such integral air purification and ventilation features, up to the allowable annual limits stipulated. (Please take advice on your specific tax recovery potential with your tax accountant because this may vary from case to case and is dependent on circumstances and other allowances you may be claiming, or write-downs being made.)

Potential to offset 130% of the cost to create a covid-resilient environment against super-deductions or 100% allowable under AIA are very attractive.

PP-L can lease the products to certain clients, so that initial outlay is minimal.

Following a simple electrical installation or plug-and-go for portables, the running cost of PP-L’s GUV technology is similar to conventional light bulbs, so ongoing cashflow impact is negligible. The running costs are literally pennies per hour, and maintenance is minimal because our UV tubes are only replaced after 12,000 hours. The nearest comparable rival states 9,000 hours for tube re-investment but uses three times the power wattage to achieve a lower efficacy.

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