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UV Air & Surface Decontamination Design


UV Air & Surface Decontamination Design

Surface Decontamination Design

After an air ventilation audit has been undertaken, and we understand your building configuration, its use, its operations, the flows of people and goods and the environmental conditions in respect of temperature and humidity, we will be able to advise you on appropriate UV-C intervention if and where necessary.

This could be installed to reduce the total bio-hazard risk that prevails in your facilities. An engineering approach to facilities audit that is focused on viral hazard gives you an extremely high level of COVID-security, because we are targeting the primary infection transmission route for COVID-19, through disinfecting the air.

UV Air & Surface Decontamination Design


HVAC in-duct UV-C devices


The HVAC installations, which are in-duct systems, are modelled on LD90 influenza to add an extra layer of protection to your occupants, as this achieves 120 x safety factor on SARS-CoV-2, meaning your facilities can achieve high levels of disinfected air

These systems have no negative effect on HVAC velocity and require no added fan power, in fact, will enhance regular performance when placed near the filters because of the eradication of biofilm build-up; which usually occurs and slows down airflow otherwise. 

UV Air & Surface Decontamination Design

Non-HVAC UV-C devices


If you do not have mechanical ventilation systems in place, local intervention is the best approach. These include installing devices such as UV-C upper-room emitters and fan-assisted UV upper-room emitters. We have a range of products that can provide maximum Covid air security in all types of facility. 

Surface Disinfection Calculations

Our team will advise minimum exposure times to disinfect your surfaces, accounting for the beam angle, shine coverage/shadowing reduction, relative distance, humidity, temperature and any other relevant environmental factors.

We are here to advise you through the whole process of using UV-C disinfection including risk assessments, modelling, design, supply and installation.