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We supply optimal, safe & proven Air Purification Solutions

Specific risks working in utilities

In these times of Pandemic, whichever mutation of coronavirus or respiratory pathogen may come in future, all utility owners have critical staff that are essential to “keeping the lights on”. Also, there are even more specialist personnel working in critical Control Rooms, which not only keep the utilities working but working safely, within regulatory limits. An outbreak of Covid for these critical staff could cause enormous issues for the utility owner, so it is mission-critical that these staff of protected to the highest standards of infection control. This is what we do at PP-L Biosafety: look at the risks, then design and supply the appropriate mitigations.

But we should not ignore that pre-Covid, hazards still existed. For example, in the Water sector, most microbes associated with sewage and waste are waterborne or foodborne pathogens. Workers in these facilities are subject to the associated respiratory bio-hazards.

Airborne hazards only exist due to the aerosolisation of these microbial pathogens, which is an unavoidable consequence of handling waste. Many of these pathogens can create respiratory problems and illnesses for the workers at these facilities.

Now in the Covid-era, faecal aerosols present a significant hazard to workers inside wastewater plants.

Our solutions

Liquid disinfection

The most effective way to reduce transmission is to reduce the number of microbes that are in the waste. Our technology could be used to sterilise the waste as it enters the facility before it comes into contact with any workers creating a safer working environment from the start of the process.

Air disinfection

The use of our UV-C systems within the HVAC system and on crucial components within the HVAC systems will ensure that all microbes are destroyed in the airflow before the air is distributed to the rooms below, creating a safer, healthier working environment. We also add source control interventions for maximum effect, near the hazard.

Surface disinfection

In unoccupied spaces or processes which are subject to surface bio-contamination, UV-C surface disinfection systems also prove extremely useful for decontamination.

As professional engineers, scientists and medics, we know intimately how to target infection risks by designing bespoke solutions, combining established and proven engineering and health technologies to take your biosafety to a new level and protect your operations.

Our solutions have been proven over decades in high-risk applications against most microbial hazards. Our products have 80 years of infection intervention deployment track-record and uniquely helped reduce coronavirus infections in Singapore and Hong Kong hospitals and other critical assets during the first SARS (Covid) pandemic in 2003.