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Medical, Scientific & Engineering Credentials

We are the only medical services provider of UV health technology solutions listed on the British Government’s “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Group of Key Suppliers”. Our products are also Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Approved which is a global standard of quality and performance. In Europe, our products have EU CE Marking which means that they comply with all European Laws, Regulations, Health & Safety Guidelines.

Our products are at an exceptional level of provenance, performance and quality because not only do they comply with International Regulatory Standards but ours, uniquely, are also both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant. As a result, you can be confident that our products are some of the best of their kind in the world.

This distinctive level assurance and professionalism is at the core of our culture at PP-L. We design, specify and install the very best anti-viral solutions to help you to achieve the best levels of risk reduction practicable for your requirements and constraints. Our products are cost-effective, energy efficient, non-chemical, sustainable solutions to help you to create extremely high levels of Covid-Security able to keep ahead of current and emerging viral hazards.

A sample of some of our suppliers’, our directors' and lead consultant’s designations and accreditations