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Can Immune Deficiency be Caused by Covid-19?

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Can Immune Deficiency be Caused by Covid-19?

The Long term effects on the immune system after a Covid-19 infection is still being research around the world, but the science is starting to lean towards that the immune response of the body is affected by infection.

According to Germany’s Federal Minister of Health Mr K Lauterbach, several infections in one person can have serious consequences for the immune system.  He states that “It is worrying what we observe in people who have had several  infections.” He goes on to say that “This can be a risk factor for the development of chronic diseases, from cardiovascular problems to dementia. As I said, that’s not certain yet, it’s being intensively researched. I’m following the studies and discussing them with experts.”

There is both research pointing towards immune deficiency and immune overactivity, both of these can cause health issues down the line as the German minister points out.


Studies give cause for concern: lauterbach warns of incurable immune deficiency

Does COVID really damage your immune system and make you more vulnerable to infections?

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