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The new COVID variant  is a true monster.

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COVID is airborne

The new COVID variant  is a true monster.

COVID-19 and Long-Covid threaten the health & safety of people across the globe and cause intense disruption and distress across all sectors of the economy. Even now as this Coronavirus continues to evolve, it is being referred to as endemic, and here for the foreseeable future.

Almost radio silence here on the awful new Covid Kraken Variant now starting to spread in UK but yesterday’s European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control’s statement makes it clear that it has an enormous 137% growth advantage and supports other researchers’ findings that it has significant escape properties, whether one is vaccinated or has had a recent infection or not.

This could be the worst one yet but “KNOW YOUR ENEMY!” – it’s an airborne pathogen, so clean the air by cranking up the room fresh air ventilation rates, use UVC in HVAC, and also consider masking up in crowded poorly ventilated spaces, please be safe.

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