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GUV Air Treatment: What are we waiting for?

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hospital, dentists and surgeries

Upper Room Air Treatment: What Are You Waiting For?

The enormity of the problem with airborne hospital-acquired infections has become clear since the Covid era. Indoor ventilation in many healthcare facilities falls short of what is needed to mitigate the transmittance of airborne pathogens, particularly those that cause respiratory diseases. IUVA published an article on the next steps for GUV technology in healthcare settings. The article goes through several important points about how GUV is making healthcare environments safer. It goes on to say “Upper Room Germicidal UV (GUV)fixtures are a more than 80-year-old technology, well-proven, safe and unused technology for airborne infection control… All known pathogenic microbes…are susceptible to GUV.” The article continued, “Compared to mechanical ventilation and room-air cleaners, GUV is cheaper and much more effective.”

hospital, dentists and surgeries

Hygiene is crucial in all facilities for patients, staff and the visiting public. Since Finsen won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1903 with the use of germicidal UV, this old tech, now known as GUV, have been successfully used to treat and prevent contagious diseases. So there is a wealth of evidence over the century to demonstrate GUV efficacy in the inactivation and destruction of all known micro-organisms, especially pathogens.

Upper room GUV devices are very economical to buy and maintain because the lamps are relatively inexpensive and are highly efficient at inactivating microbes and will last for around 12,000 hours at best efficacy. Properly designed and installed upper room devices will not cause harm to anyone sharing the same space.

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