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Air Cleaning: HVAC and AHU's

Air Cleaning: HVAC and AHU's

Airborne micro-organisms are not visible, so the ambient air in facilities is often dramatically underestimated. Once airborne, spores and bacteria can settle directly on products and accelerate their spoilage. In addition, machines, conveyors and packaging materials can also get contaminated by airborne micro-organisms.  

Integrating a UV-C disinfection device directly into your ventilation system brings your indoor air hygiene to the next level and is the perfect addition to filtration. UV-C inactivates airborne microbes 24/7, is safe and reliable, and does not use chemicals, so there is no risk of residues. 

How it works 

A scientific calculation is a fundamental basis for successful UV air disinfection. Using one of the most advanced flow simulation software, we can calculate the levels of UV-C required to achieve air disinfection, according to your requirements and your specific situation, considering all parameters which influence the efficiency of the installation. 

HVAC installations could be installed to reduce the total bio-hazard risk that prevails in your facilities. An engineering approach to facilities audit, that is focussed on viral hazards, gives you an extremely high level of COVID-security, because we are targeting the primary infection transmission route for COVID-19, through disinfecting the air.  

The HVAC installations, which are in-duct systems, are modelled on LD90 influenza to add an extra layer of protection to your occupants, as this achieves 120 x safety factor on SARS-CoV-2, meaning your facilities can achieve high levels of disinfected air. These systems have no negative effect on HVAC velocity and require no added fan power, in fact, will enhance regular performance when placed near the filters because of the eradication of biofilm build-up; which usually occurs and slows down airflow otherwise. 


Medical Grade Quality & Performance

Inactivates bacteria, viruses and phages without interruption of the production process.

Safely Decontaminate Occupied Spaces 24/7

Reduces the risk of product contamination through the air in the production facilities.

Outperform Covid Compliance Standards

Cost effective

Can be easily retrofitted into an existing air-duct.

Specified by a Chartered Engineer, Scientist or Medical Expert

Engineered to suit any sector or use.

Non-chemical, low energy, low maintenance

Perfect addition to indoor air filter technology

Full warranties, insurances and technical support

Adaptable - For use in all temperature ranges

If you do not have mechanical ventilation systems in place, local intervention is the best approach. These include installing devices such as UV-C upper-room emitters and fan-assisted UV upper-room emitters. We have a range of products that can provide maximum Covid air security in all types of facility. 

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