PP-L Product Reference: UVR

The UVR is ideal for industrial applications; it uses impressive fan power to draw in air and rapidly disinfect it.

UVR Air Disinfection Systems are one of our most popular industrial units used worldwide. Due to the impressive fan power, these units draw in air and disinfect it at an astounding rate. The high output UV-C quad-filaments deliver extremely high levels of disinfection against all known microorganisms, even particularly resistant germs like mould spores. As with all of our systems, they are safe and ready for use immediately after install. Externally validated and peer reviewed by independent scientists, the UVR is the most potent in class.


Key Benefits

Extremely high UV-C dosage

Maximum safety due to protective grilles

Corrosion free and moist room proof

Functional parts made of 316L stainless steel

Optimized hygienic design

Very easy to maintain

Long life – tube replacement every 12,000 hours

Air flow rate of 700 to 1000m3 per hour

23.33 eACH (equivalent Air Changes per Hour) in a 750 m3 room


With its variable airflows, the UVR is ideal for use in in the following areas:


How the UVR Works


Problems with Poor Air Quality

Without adequate ventilation or other interventions, viral loads in an occupied interior environment can build, creating a high transmission risk. This is because airborne viruses (aerosols) can spread inside due to air currents, and then be contracted through the inhalation of these aerosols.

Examples of the Types of Microorganisms the UVR can Inactivate


Technical Specifications

Dimensions (mm)

1253 x 252 x 324



Maximum noise level









All of our UV-C products have a standard two-year warranty. This, however, does not cover any damage caused by misuse or
any mechanical or chemical damage which is not a result of any defect in the workmanship or materials.
We recommend that the light fittings themselves are replaced every 12,000 hours in order to keep their germicidal effectiveness high enough (70% of original irradiation level) to be able to inactivate microbes efficiently at the correct Lethal Dose.

Additional information


Chilled and Cold Spaces, Food Production Spaces, Industrial Spaces


Ceiling Mounted, Wall Mounted