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Hospital Grade UV Air Purifier

Hospital Grade Air Purifiers

Medical Grade Air Purification Devices

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Healthcare settings are among the most germ-ridden environments that people can be exposed to. But there’s a good reason for that — the presence of deadly diseases like Ebola and the flu makes it absolutely crucial to keep germs at bay.

Medical-grade air purifiers are designed to help significantly reduce airborne pathogens in facilities where there are high levels of airborne pathogens and/or a lot of people. They’re also perfect for clinics, hospitals, dental offices, and other healthcare environments, where there are patients with compromised immune systems or open wounds.

Our static hospital-grade air purifiers filter and disinfect air at the highest efficacy levels of clinical-grade quality.

This is achieved through combining the advantages of specialist HEPA filters, UV-C disinfection technology and microbe inactivating materials. Together, they create what are arguably the best medical-grade air purifiers available.

Specialist HEPA Filters

By using GUV and/or HEPA Filter technology to clean and purify the air in your workspace, you are showing your employees, colleagues, suppliers, visitors, and clients that you are treating their safety and well-being as paramount.

Reducing the risk of airborne transmission of pathogens means that you are helping protect your stakeholders from COVID-19 and other illnesses which can disrupt your business operations and lead to sickness, absences, or closures.

UV-C Disinfection Devices

Germicidal UV-C is, indeed, chemical-free disinfection. It is light but a special type where Ultraviolet light of a short wavelength (254nm) is emitted to inactivate/kill micro-organisms by disrupting the very building blocks of the pathogen’s existence- their nucleic acids. This ultraviolet light dismantles their RNA and DNA, therefore destroying their structures and neutralising them. This is also known as Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV). The inactivation of a pathogen is virtually instant upon exposure and continues constantly destroying the pathogen hazard if the light is on.

Hospital Grade Air Purifiers from PP-L Biosafety

Please see below the types of medical-grade air purifiers we can provide. Contact our expert team to discuss further which products are best for you.

What You Should Know About Medical and Hospital Grade Air Purifiers

There are multiple levels of air purification

There are three ways to filter the air: mechanical, chemical and medical-grade. Mechanical filtration uses a filter to trap particles, which is the most basic level of air purification. Chemical filtration kills bacteria and viruses, which is the second level of air purification. Medical-grade air purification combines both mechanical and chemical filtration to ensure you’re breathing in clean air.

Similarly, there are two levels of air cleaning

Low-level cleaning refers to any system that cleans airborne particles down to 50 microns. This system can’t remove germs and bacteria, but it’s great for catching those pesky dust bunnies.

High-level cleaning is designed to remove particles down to 10 microns and high-capacity systems are designed to remove particles down to 2 microns.

Hospital Medical Environment

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For more information about medical-grade air purifiers, check out the PP-L blog.

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Hospital Grade UV Air Purifier

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Hospital Grade UV Air Purifier

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