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7 Benefits Of Good Ventilation In The Workplace

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Ventilation System

Good ventilation in the workplace can significantly impact employee productivity, morale and even safety. 

By identifying several key benefits and outlining some specific ways in which using good outdoor air can improve your indoor environment, you can start integrating better ventilation into your workplace today.

Humidity Control

The first benefit of good ventilation is that it can help control humidity. If you’re not familiar with the term, humidity is a measure of the amount of moisture in the air. 

In general, there should be a balance between the amount of water vapour and the amount of water present in your environment. If there isn’t enough water vapour, then there will be too much condensation and an increase in mould, which could cause health issues for employees who are working closely with these materials all day long. 

In order to avoid this problem, you need to ensure that ventilation is sufficient and that your building has the proper insulation. When combined with appropriate insulation, good ventilation will allow you to maintain a level of humidity within acceptable boundaries.

Improved Employee Comfort

When you have good ventilation in the workplace, an individual doesn’t have to experience the uncomfortable conditions that might deter them from staying at their desk. This makes it easier to create a positive work environment and improve employee morale. 

Good ventilation also can reduce noise levels in a building. Lower noise levels make it easier for employees to focus or concentrate on their tasks without constantly being distracted by extraneous sounds. 

Regulated Energy Use

The amount of energy consumed by your company is directly related to the amount of ventilation you provide your employees with. By using proper outdoor air extraction, you can increase the efficiency of your entire building’s cooling and heating systems — which means you will reduce your carbon footprint and save money on utility bills as well.

Regulated Energy Costs

Considering energy costs, it’s easy to see why taking better care of your indoor climate is beneficial. The amount that you spend on heating and cooling your space will decrease if you use good ventilation. 

If you have poor airflow in a building, the cost of running an air conditioner can increase by up to 50%.

Improved Productivity

One of the biggest benefits of using good ventilation in the workplace is improving employee productivity. Lousy ventilation in a workspace can make it harder for people who are working there to concentrate and get things done. There are several ways in which good ventilation can help your employees be more productive. For example, with adequate airflow, people won’t feel so hot and uncomfortable and will find it easier to stay focused on their work. 

The increased comfort levels brought about by good ventilation also allow employees to work more productively because they won’t have to worry about feeling sick or having a headache while they’re at work. It also helps them take fewer breaks because they aren’t feeling too tired or lethargic during their shift.

A Reduction In Sick Days

A positive pressure environment means you can expect to reduce sick time and business disruption. This is because by creating good ventilation, you’re reducing the risk of bacteria and viruses in the environment.

If you want to reduce sick days and improve business resilience, you should consider the following: 

– Increasing natural lighting in the workplace. 

– Installing an HVAC system that does not use recirculated air and at rates of 10-15lites/second/person or 6ACH, the greater there-of (Energy cost is a challenge)

– As above flow rates, installing an HVAC system that uses recirculated air in combination with a professionally engineered UVC air disinfection system in the ductwork designed to destroy all microbes. (Energy saving and lowest cost solution)

– Opening windows and doors to promote natural airflow 

– Installing openable louvres on windows or on fans for better cooler/ warmer air distribution

– Mitigating dead air zones and risks from directional air flows towards busy occupied areas

Creating A More Positive Atmosphere

With good indoor air, it’s no surprise that employees feel more energized and less tired when working in the building. If you create a pleasant office space for your customers or clients, they will likely be more engaged with your business — which ultimately leads to better sales.

If you would like to have a discussion about the ventilation in your office or workplace, don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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