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Paul Waldeck presents Covid-Secure ventilation SaRS webinar 

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Airborne virus

Paul Waldeck presents Covid-Secure ventilation SaRS webinar

PP-L’s Paul Waldeck to co-present at Safety & Reliability Society Event. His theme is pandemic risk management with lessons (forgotten) from history to help protect today.

PP-L Biosafety’s Chief Technical Officer, Paul Waldeck, will be one of the three presenters in the Safety and Reliability Society’s webinar titled ‘London Branch – A ‘Chadwick’ to solve today’s building miasma’.  

This webinar has been organised because the current Covid-19 pandemic has shown that our current buildings are not developed to ensure the health of their occupants. The Safety and Reliability Society believe that we need a ‘Chadwick’ style solution to solve the problem of today’s building miasma.  

This webinar will discuss building risk management, building ventilation and train ventilation. Peter Bell from Marlowe Group and James Wright from RSSB will also present. 

Paul Waldeck says, “The CDC has confirmed that COVID-19 is a mainly airborne transmitted virus, and it is therefore paramount that interior environments are re-assessed to protect against both current and future viral threats. In this webinar, I will be discussing the importance of ventilation and appropriate Coronavirus mitigation measures to ensure viral transmission is minimised.” 

The webinar will take place online on Tuesday, 7th December, starting at 6pm and ending at 7:30pm (GMT).  

Book todayto secure your place on this course to receive the latest expertise and advice on ventilation.     

For more information about this webinar, please click here.  


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