UV-C Light Disinfection

Germicidal ultraviolet light can quickly, safely and efficiently destroy germs and viruses, including COVID-19.

Also known as UV-C, GUV or UVGI, short wavelength UV light is very effective in indoor settings against airborne viruses, with a range of solutions to disinfect surfaces and the air in indoor environments.

Used for decades to ensure sterile environments in laboratories, food handling facilities and hospitals around the world, UV-C is recognised as an effective, safe and reliable method of infection control, with its effectiveness proven by more than 4,000 scientific papers and studies.

Recent studies have shown that UV-C is also “highly effective” against COVID-19, whether it is being transmitted as airborne microdroplets or on contaminated surfaces. UV-C light disinfection can kill the virus or sterilise it within milliseconds.

UV-C light disinfection is also effective in controlling the spread of other common illnesses including colds, flu, norovirus and deadly diseases such as tuberculosis and measles.

This makes it ideal for public transport, offices, factories, indoor public areas, shops, pubs and food preparation areas – any indoor environment where germs and viruses can linger on surfaces or spread as airborne droplets.

When choosing a solution to protect an environment and the people who use it from coronavirus and other illnesses, it’s important to identify the most appropriate system and that it is designed, specified, installed and maintained correctly. It is therefore essential that highly competent and professionally qualified suppliers support you in creating the safest environment possible.

Whole room surface UV-C systems can shine germicidal UV light to disinfect every surface in a room over a short period of time while the space is unoccupied. Meanwhile, upper room UV-C devices can provide continuous protection against airborne transmission by disinfecting air as it rises within a room. Active upper room UV-C systems are also available, which can accelerate air movement within an environment to disinfect airborne particles quickly.Alternatively, UV-C emitters can be fitted within existing HVAC systems or installed as wall or ceiling mounted systems, circulating the air and disinfecting as it passes through the system.

At PP-L, our expert team of chartered engineers, doctors and scientific experts can find the right solution for your environment.

To find out more about UV-C / GUV and its effectiveness against a range of pathogens including COVID-19, please refer to visit our How it Works page.