Facilities without mechanical ventilation systems (HVAC) make up the majority of UK SME premises. Typically, these spaces only provide air ventilation from portable or wall mounted air conditioning units and open windows, when the seasons allow.

These buildings are among the highest risk in the COVID-19-era due to the limited air movement, insufficient air changes, lack of proper air distribution creating dead air zones, as well as the limited ability to clear human aerosol as it builds up during the day. Ventilation and air-security is paramount to mitigate infection risk from harmful microbes, including the highly infectious airborne pathogen that causes COVID-19.

With the risk posed by these premises being so great, the government guidance has been to work from home, though this may be unsustainable for the economy in the long term. It is therefore essential that older, more traditional buildings and workplaces are made safer, more COVID-19-secure from an air risk perspective. 

As professional engineers, scientists and medics, we have detailed knowledge and understanding of microbial hazards, built environments and risk. PP-L will review your building space configurations; their use; the flow of people & goods; and the nature of your heating and ventilation installations. We will undertake CFD modelling if necessary, along with UV-C disinfection modelling if required, for more complicated environments.

A range of cost effective, easy to install and proven intervention systems are the best option for clean air-security for infection mitigation. Non-HVAC facilities are nearly always best served by active upper-room UV-C air treatment devices.

Our devices draw the stagnant, potentially infectious air up and past multiple UV-C filaments. The air will then be disinfected to a minimum lethal dose rate of 99.999% efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) and also, to an air quality that is disinfected against Influenza-A too. That disinfected, uncontaminated air, is then delivered back to the open room space. This is a continuous cycle and can run 24/7 with people safely present going about their business. COVID-19-secure Air is the new, safer environment.

We also look at how we can improve ventilation by better use of windows, potential devices capable of introducing outside air directly and perhaps a series of ceiling fans to help move and dilute room air to reduce COVID-19 risk.

Such actions, and improvements, if coupled with UV-C viral inactivation devices, will not only help you become compliant with workplace regulations on clean air and have outstanding COVID-19 air security, but you will also have mitigated your facilities from Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), proven to vastly reduce staff absence rates from those illnesses too. 

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