UV-C Air Disinfection

Destroys all Pathogens including CORONAVIRUS

UK Government Listed: Covid Response Group

PP-L are the only government listed medical services provider of germicidal UV-C anti-coronavirus solutions in the UK.

We are Biosecurity Experts who are Chartered Engineers, Scientists and Medical Professionals, Consultants, Advisors and Solutions Providers. Our advice and recommendations are backed by decades of experience, successful application, and scientific validation against all known pathogens, including coronavirus.

Our strategy to help Clients begins with desk-top study of current arrangements, ventilation survey or engineering assessment, followed by an initial infection risk assessment, viral hazard reduction & operability study, ventilation improvements defined, air disinfection design, source control measures, whole and local system improvement specification, installation, and commissioning support. Our strategy is a layered and risk-managed approach. Our methods are supported by science and verified by the evidence to succeed in the fight against Covid-19.

You will not only be highly COVID-SECURE; you will be Bio-secure, ready for the future. 

Once deployed, we guarantee continual disinfection of your interior environment: enabling you to protect your workers, customers, visitors, and your business both now and, ready for whatever the future may bring.

  • Destroys ALL pathogens known to humanity, including CORONAVIRUS
  • Up to 100% Efficient. Our solutions protect you beyond Guidance.
  • Eligible of 130% rebate under new business  “Super-Deductions Scheme”
  • Solutions run 24/7 safely in “live” operations
  • Discrete and quiet operation
  • Chemical free
  • Low energy. Low Maintenance
  • Low capital and whole-life costs
  • 5 Year Warranty on all Engineering & Air Disinfection Products
  • Priceless Return on Investment

Sectors We Cover


Doctors, Medical Practises, Dentist


Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes & Bars


Schools, Colleges, Universities, Teaching Facilities


Gyms & Sports Facilities

Care Homes

Care & Residential Homes


Offices & Businesses


Factories & Warehouses


Planes, Trains, Buses

Public Spaces

Shopping Centres, Council & Government Buildings, Libraries

Small Businesses

Barbers, Hairdressers, & Tattooist


Cinemas, Theatres, Concert Halls, Visitor Attractions

100% Efficient & Fully Compliant

During 80 years of application in the field, our solutions, and technologies have been proven to destroy up to 100%  of bacterial and viral pathogens within higher infection-risk environments, including Hospitals and other sensitive locations. All inside spaces now carry infection risks.

New Ventilation Standards by the HSE for Covid Secure Workplaces, forthcoming Building Regulations changes mean that most existing buildings will need to deploy the recommended mitigations. The main type being, Germicidal UV Filters, as indeed, have other leading institutions around the world. The likely predominant use of UV for building biosecurity is because of the potential prohibitive physical, or engineering, or financial constraints being the potential blockers to achieving these crucial new ventilation standards needed to make current inside spaces safe enough from Covid.

PP-L are proud to be members of several leading Engineering, Scientific and Medical Institutions and Associations. Our memberships of such bodies reinforce our level of technical and professional standing. They also allow us to keep abreast of the advancing data around coronavirus to enhance the solutions we bring to improve human life quality and protect people and businesses better now and for the future.




PP-L will only specify products with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, British Safety Council, CE Compliance and RoHS Certified marks. These show that the manufacturer has checked and proven that these products meet safety, health, environmental, quality requirements, including all electrical regulations, fire prevention regulations, and all relevant EU legislative directives. We also carry appropriate insurances and will provide warranties. Likewise, all surveys, assessments, designs, and specifications comply with EU and local territory requirements for the UK and are signed off by a highly competent and qualified professional person.