Implementing risk reduction solutions is the practice of mitigating microbial transmission risk throughout facilities by applying transmission mitigation technologies.

For most companies, the target microbe to protect against is the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19. There are several free-standing technologies on the market which claim to reduce transmission however, at PP-L we believe that a blended, layered approach to risk reduction delivers the best results possible.

PP-L has a team of professional experts with backgrounds in chartered engineering, science, medicine and occupational health & safety consultancy. Together, we’re able to assemble layered solutions and processes and are able to provide some of the world’s leading health technology products for your COVID-19-assurance. These can provide you and your workers with confidence, knowing that you will be safer and exposed to a reduced risk of COVID-19 transmission when carrying out your business activities. 

We have many bio-risk intervention solutions available including active air disinfection and sterilisation units, high efficiency filters, autonomous UV-C disinfection robots, HEPA filters and portable medical grade air purifiers (See products list for more). We also offer a range of other solutions from computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling to mass testing for work forces, visitors and travellers. All our solutions can be designed to fit your risk, your needs and your budget.