PP-L Product Reference: ProtectivAir®

PP-L Product Reference: ProtectivAir®

ProtectivAir® is a breakthrough in respiratory PPE, designed for use in professional environments where there is a risk of infection transmission via inhalation of droplets or aerosols. It provides the wearer with a continuous flow of real-time biologically UV-C cleansed air, ensuring that they are protected from viral hazards. As it is reusable, this innovative PPE is cost-effective and is also more environmentally friendly than standard PPE.


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Key Benefits

Effective at preventing infection transmission

Rigorously tested PHE laboratories at Porton Down, UK

Ergonomic – designed for comfort, with a continuous flow of cool air to the face

Backed by User Acceptance Testing by healthcare workers in a real-world environment

Economic – offers an extremely fast Return on Investment as it is re-usable

Environmental - designed for the Circular Economy and dramatically reduces the need for disposal of hazardous waste


ProtectivAir® is ideal for use in the following areas:

How the ProtectivAir® Works

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (mm)




Maximum noise level



Tests against UV disinfection standard BS ISO 15714:2019*

Public Health England qualitative and quantitative tests on the product functionality


EU PPE Regulation 2016/425 Applicable standards e.g. BS EN 12942:1998 +A2:2008

NIOSH Code of Federal Regulations Title 42 Part 84 (42 CFR 84)*

User Acceptance

MD-TEC Formative and summative user studies*

NIHR User acceptance tests via NOCRI*

Testing in progress or planned