MED 800 Rental

The MED 800 rapidly purifies the air by eliminating microbes using UV-C and HEPA, at a flow rate of 800m3/hour.

Safe for use in occupied spaces, the MED 800 eliminates microbes by using a HEPA 13 filter, UV-C light, a G3 filter and a carbon filter.

£165 per week (plus VAT)

Filter and UV tube costs included. 

Long term rentals and purchase also available.

Once the rental period is finished, there will be an option to buy the product at a reduced rate. 

Please note geographical restrictions may apply to a minimum rental period.



Key Benefits

Disinfects air in room sizes up to 160m3

Safe to use in occupied areas – all UV-C rays are entirely concealed

Compact high performance mobile units

Designed to run 24/7

Can help to remove inhalation allergies

Intelligent filter monitoring


The MED 800 is ideal for use in the following areas


How the MED 800 Works


Problems with Poor Air Quality

Without adequate ventilation or other interventions, viral loads in an occupied interior environment can build, creating a high transmission risk. This is because airborne viruses (aerosols) can spread inside due to air currents, and then be contracted through the inhalation of these aerosols.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (mm)

360 x 360 x 780



Maximum noise level




ISO 15858

ISO 16890 -1:2016