Key Benefits

Permanent decontamination prevents growth of microbes and formation of biofilm on cooling fins

Longer shelf life by reducing cross-contamination in the production chain

Safe 24-hour operation, even while the room is occupied

Food Safe Teflon glass shatter protection

Longer-lasting hygiene on cooling fins after mechanical cleaning


How Condenser unit Evaporation Works

Continuous air disinfection, 24 hours a day

Problems with Poor Air Quality

Without adequate ventilation or other interventions, viral loads in an occupied interior environment can build, creating a high transmission risk. This is because airborne viruses (aerosols) can spread inside due to air currents, and then be contracted through the inhalation of these aerosols.

Technical Specifications

Maximum noise level








All of our UV-C products have a standard two-year warranty. This, however, does not cover any damage caused by misuse or
any mechanical or chemical damage which is not a result of any defect in the workmanship or materials.
We recommend that the light fittings themselves are replaced every 12,000 hours in order to keep their germicidal effectiveness high enough (70% of original irradiation level) to be able to inactivate microbes efficiently at the correct Lethal Dose.

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