PP-L Product Reference: CTEX

Covid Air Assist Device (CAAD)

winner of the UK Ventilator Challenge; CAAD was developed as a biological countermeasure to COVID-19. The CTEX device is one of only a few devices to gain MHRA Approval.

Described as ‘Oxgenation Reinvented’, the Military & Biological Grade CPAP technology is designed for the treatment of COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases e.g., Flu, COPD, TB as well as for use in biological warfare. The CTEX device uses less oxygen, while providing excellent levels of inspired oxygen and keeping medical staff safe.


Key Benefits

Uses less oxygen - only requires between 5-15 litre/minute oxygen

Tuned to deliver higher Inspired oxygen to the patient: >72% Inspired Oxygen at only 15L / minute

Can be used at home with an oxygen concentrator - no cylinders required

Viral filtration – the device draws in room air via two replaceable viral filters to filter the air of all bacteria and viruses

Sealed patient consumables - less risk of viral aerosolization for staff and carers with a choice of nose or face mask for convenience

ROI of 24hrs when compared to other devices on oxygen use alone

Anti-viral materials used minimize the lifespan of the COVID-19 virus

Portable and designed to be robust


MHRA approved

CTEX showed to be 7% better at oxygenation than the current most advanced similar device on the market (99% statistical confidence)

CTEX trial 1 in the Intensive Care Medicine Unit at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital

How the CTEX CAAD Works

CTEX Poster

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (mm)

140 x 205 x 75



Maximum noise level


Maintenance Requirements

Every 24 hours: Replace patient viral filter and clean external surfaces

Between patients: Replace patient circuit, replace viral inlet filter and clean external surfaces