Air Purification Solutions

We are British Medical Professionals, Scientists, and Chartered Engineers who are experts in helping people protect against pathogens, be safer beyond compliance, more pandemic resilient, and ready for whatever the future may bring.

Meticulously assessed and selected by our unique multi-disciplinary team of professional experts and global scientific network – the solutions and portfolio of products that we supply are optimal: safe-tried, tested and proven to be able to re-create a safer normal for your specific environment.

The devices we offer have all the necessary laboratory testing validation, proving the highest levels of bio-risk reduction, disinfection and sterilisation. All PP-L Biosafety's technologies are CE Marked for all EU Regulatory compliance; most have been pre-approved by the NHS to be used across their facilities and, similarly, for the whole public sector.

Given that all our devices are of medical grade quality and performance, they are of the highest standards practicable to protect people and businesses better in the private sector within conventional environments.