Modular System for Evaporators

Evaporators can hugely benefit Specialised direct emitters. Biofilm build up on evaporator coils can result in poor performance of cooling devices as well as promoting recirculation of potentially Covid-contaminated Air. UV-C surface disinfection at the cooling coils is safe and is a rapid, low cost and proven intervention for these systems. Our UVC products can be retrofitted on to these units which will inactivate all harmful microbes, including SARS-CoV-2, on surface of the coils BUT IMPORTANTLY, whilst also disinfecting the air which is blown from the unit across the room, cold/chill store or factory. This system also improves food safety and public health and helps to prevent cross contamination and foodborne diseases. These systems can run 24/7 with people present, meaning that the air is constantly being disinfected. This ensures that your operation is safer, more covid-secure for your people, and significantly lower risk of operational disruption cause by a covid infection incident, part or full factory shut-down as a result.


  • Unwanted Micro-organisms generally.
  • SARS-CoV-2 ( Covid-19) now specifically
  • Growth of Biofilm
  • Loss of air flow and energy inefficiency
  • Risk of cross-contamination
  • Product quality and safety issues
  • Increased use of chemicals for cleaning


  • UV-C energy inactivates all known micro-organisms on surfaces and in the air (from molds to Coronavirus)
  • Improved workforce safety
  • Improved food safety and benefit for public health
  • Prevention of cross-contamination
  • Reduction of foodborne diseases
  • Reduced risk of operational disruption or factory close downs


Air conditioners and fans are often affected by biofouling due to condensate and microbe build up. This leads to:

  • Germ and Virus distribution in the building, risk of increased staff illness
  • Higher energy demand of plant appliance due to biofilm
  • The increased energy requirement is due to a poorer heat transfer at the cooling coils as well as an increased output of the fan, which has to convey the same volume flowthrough a smaller opening.

Fitting UV-C devices for evaporators is a simple integration in new and retrospectively, to existing units, to create a highly efficient ecological disinfection system.


  • Instant UVC disinfection 24/7
  • Constant low level microbial count
  • Secured operational safety
  • Minimised use of chemicals
  • Less cleaning costs
  • Less electricity costs


Highly versatile UVC systems enable to use multiple standard modular units for any size of evaporator.

In a study by Wang et al. (2016) the influence of a UVC installation on the energy demand of a evaporator was investigated. Installation not only improves the hygienic state of the evaporator, but it keeps energy consumption low and reduces operating cost.