Microbial hazard inactivation modelling is where we model the effects of our infection intervention solutions in your workspace, allowing us to produce the most effective solution for you.

We can deploy CFD modelling coupled with our UV-C irradiation modelling to accurately predict and intervene upon infection risk which is important in preventing the transmission of COVID-19.

The calculation and simulation software used to design bespoke air duct disinfection solutions for HVAC systems was developed together with ETH Zurich, the Swiss Federal Technology Institute and programmed at ETH by the Faculty of Computer Aided Physics in 2007.

Based on scientific research and physical airstream mechanism calculation models, the input parameters for each bespoke calculation are: Air flow (m3/h), Temperature range (°C), Relative Humidity(%), duct size, target germ/microbe and Lethal Dose requirements.

All data regarding lethal doses on target germs (LD90) is based on a unique database, collected over the last 80+ years, containing more than 35,000 scientific and 4500+ peer reviewed academic papers on microbial research specifically on UVC inactivation of microbes (viruses, bacteria, yeasts, moulds).