GUV Surface Disinfection

Studies have shown that COVID-19 is primarily spread through respiratory droplets, some of which can settle on surfaces and spread to people after being touched or handled. On surfaces such as cardboard, the virus can survive for up to 24 hours, and it can survive for 72 hours on metal and plastics.

UV Surface Disinfection

However, surfaces can be quickly disinfected using UV-C surface disinfection systems, which can be applied directly to individual surfaces and to all exposed surfaces in unoccupied environments.

Also known as UV-C, GUV or UVGI, short wavelength ultraviolet light disinfects all known pathogens and studies show it is “highly effective” against COVID-19.

The disinfection of surfaces using UV-C can destroy germs and viruses on surfaces including:


It is important to note that, unlike indirect UV-C air disinfection, precautions should be taken
to prevent direct exposure to people. Whole-room surface disinfection systems should only be
used while rooms are unoccupied and UV-C surface disinfection systems should not be applied to skin or eyes.


Failsafe systems can be put in place to prevent human exposure and all relevant instructions
must be followed.

Surface disinfection can be an effective step for pre-cleaning and/or post-cleaning of items and environments to reduce the risk of viral transmission through handling items or packaging. Pre-cleaning or post-cleaning with UV-C surface disinfection can be particularly beneficial for high risk environments such as:

For environments which are regularly unoccupied between uses, whole-room UV-C surface disinfection systems can provide fast and effective intervention between visitors or occupants.

Residue and chemical-free UV-C radiation ensures the highest level of hygiene standards. Our team of chartered engineers, scientists and medics specify and safely deploy some of the world’s most potent UV-C devices to destroy harmful microbes and reduce COVID-19 infection risk. Our team will advise minimum exposure times for surfaces, accounting for the beam angle, shine coverage/shadowing reduction, relative distance, humidity, temperature and any other relevant environmental factors.

We are here to advise you through the whole process of disinfection using UV-C integrated into your operations from risk assessment, modelling, design, supply and installation.

Disinfection & Sterlisation Cabinets

Our bespoke UV-C disinfection cabinets can be made to suit any equipment, product or returned goods needs. The principle is the same as those UV-C cabinets that sterilise medical instruments against deadly microbes such as MRSA, C-Diff and the hospital “superbugs”. These systems can be created to to the size and scale to suit your requirements, using powerful UV-C direct emitter units for rapid disinfection. These systems come installed with an electronic timer, as well as safety features such as a trip-switch and lock for safety.

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