Are your solutions validated?

GUV air disinfection systems have been used for decades to ensure the cleanest, disinfected air in laboratories, food processing facilities and hospitals around the world and are recognised as a highly effective, safe and reliable method of infection prevention and control.

We have extensive data from laboratory tests with our products proving them capable of not only disinfection (99.99% virus inactivation) of air and surface but capable of sterilisation (99.9999% virus inactivation). We also have extensive data and case studies proving the potency of our GUV solutions in real world applications.

As Biosafety consultants and product suppliers, we only specify world leading technologies from manufacturers with the highest provenance. They have to be best in class. You can be confident that the quality and performance of our solutions, whether for air ventilation, air purification, air filtration, or UV-C air disinfection, are amongst the best to be found from around the world.

We are an approved supplier to the NHS and the public sector for the provision of air purification technologies. We are also listed on the British Government’s “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Group of Key Suppliers” in our specialist field, providing pandemic resilience.

All products are compliant with EU and British regulatory requirements: CE Marked, ISO9001 and ISO14001 and have been validated to the highest standards.