Dependent on the demand, volume of orders, size and nature of your order at a given point in time, we aim to have your products to your desired location within a matter of a few weeks from order, however we will confirm this with you once you are in a position to confirm an order with us.
No – They cost the same to run than a standard low energy light bulb.

Yes – We can design and specify different models and bespoke products for you to suit any safe application and environment. Principally, for the built environment and transport, we are dealing with either air treatment or surface treatment or a combination of both.

If the air treatment units are placed in the HVAC system or retrospectively fitted to the ceiling or wall, does it take long to kill airborne bacteria and viruses that people could be breathing in or exhaling out?

The air in a room is constantly being extracted and as it rapidly passes the UV-C tubes in the AC unit, HVAC ducting or for our retrofitted units, it kills pathogens, viruses and bacteria each time the air passes the light, thus the air is constantly being cleaned.

No – We are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective our solutions are. Please contact us and we will design an infection prevention solution that will help to create a safer environment, based on your budget, free of charge, on a no obligation basis, all to suit your risk and user requirements.

For certain clients, we can also arrange leasing solutions.

GUV air disinfection systems have been used for decades to ensure the cleanest, disinfected air in laboratories, food processing facilities and hospitals around the world and are recognised as a highly effective, safe and reliable method of infection prevention and control.We have extensive data from laboratory tests with our products proving them capable of not only disinfection (99.99% virus inactivation) of air and surface but capable of sterilisation (99.9999% virus inactivation). We also have extensive data and case studies proving the potency of our GUV solutions in real world applications.As Biosafety consultants and product suppliers, we only specify world leading technologies from manufacturers with the highest provenance. They have to be best in class. You can be confident that the quality and performance of our solutions, whether for air ventilation, air purification, air filtration, or UV-C air disinfection, are amongst the best to be found from around the world.We are an approved supplier to the NHS and the public sector for the provision of air purification technologies. We are also listed on the British Government’s “Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Group of Key Suppliers” in our specialist field, providing pandemic resilience.All products are compliant with EU and British regulatory requirements: CE Marked, ISO9001 and ISO14001 and have been validated to the highest standards.

Yes – We have all appropriate Employers’, Public and Product Liability Insurances.

Yes – We provide a 2 Year Warranty on all products.

Yes – Studies and tests over the decades demonstrate that GUV light totally inactivates coronavirus’, MERS, SARS, SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and even chemically & vaccine resistant pathogens like MRSA, C.Dif; in fact all viruses, bacteria and spores which are harmful to humans.Coronavirus is amongst the easiest micro-organism’s to destroy.We design our solutions to destroy Influenza A which requires several times more UV-C energy than the SARS-CoV-2 Covid19 virus. This ensures also that the solution we specify for you gives long term protection against whatever may come in the future. We create Pandemic Resilience.

Our UV-C surface disinfection technology decontaminates all surfaces within view of the UV-C fittings within a matter of minutes. However, surface disinfection must be undertaken in the absence of people or animals because direct exposure to UV-C is not what we permit. Disinfecting workspaces after hours or between shifts or on timers ensures that the workspace is highly covid-secure for people to come into the next time allocated.

Surface disinfection of objects, products, goods or return items is easy with our UV-C surface irradiation units too.

Whilst our UV-C filaments have a life of 17,000 hours, we recommend an operational life of 12,000 hours ( almost 3 years if running 12 hours/day)

We design and specify our products to suit each occupational environment and pathogenic risk and safety is our priority. The devices are easily installed and maintained. They can run 24/7 with people safely going about their everyday life in such a way that human or animal tissue cannot come into direct contact with UV-C light exposure. This is because direct UV-C light exposure for more than a few minutes will mildly affect the skin and eyes and so we remove that risk entirely. The filaments sit with a protective stainless-steel casing and the air is drawn over the UV-C filaments in that casing to create clean, purified air safely.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) make it clear that ventilation is critical to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection.  However, many buildings do not possess or cannot maintain adequate levels of ventilation and, in this case, the HSE recommends that local air cleaning and filtration units such as ultraviolet-based devices can be used to reduce airborne transmission.
The proposed Building Regulations update, designed to tackle the pandemic and beyond, state that the new standard for ventilation is 10-15 litres per second per person1.The proposed regulations also state that “buildings should have the ability to provide adequate outdoor air to all occupied spaces without recirculating air within spaces or between different spaces, rooms or zones, unless the ventilation system has an ultraviolet filter, HEPA filter or other germicidal filter.”11 (Approved Document F volume 2 – consultation version – January 2021 (publishing.service.gov.uk)Other guidance points towards a minimum or equivalent of 6 Air Changes per Hour of clean air.Our GUV devices exceed these clean air standards, typically providing 10-20 equivalent air changes per hour.