Testing Co2 Levels in Offices

Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) at room temperature, is a colourless and odourless gas which – when concentrations build high enough – can cause employees and visitors in your buildings to become ill. Regular CO2 testing is vital in creating a safe working environment. 

The legal limit of CO2 concentration in an indoor setting is 5000 parts per million (PPM) but this is well above the concentration needed to be able to feel the effects of the gas. At around 1000 PPM a loss of decision making is apparent in the workforce. 

In the COVID-19-era, ventilation and air quality are directly linked to COVID-19 infection risk. Improved airflows are essential to dilute concentrations of potentially viral infected air from infected individuals.

A quick and easy way to check the quality of ventilation in a space is to measure CO₂ levels. This strategy has been used to successfully combat the spread of tuberculosis (TB); a deadly airborne pathogen just like COVID-19 but which has a significantly higher mortality rate and is harder to inactivate. Historical data has proven that during a TB outbreak, CO₂ concentrations above 1000 PPM, significantly increased the risk of becoming infected. Improving the building ventilation to a CO₂ concentration of 600 PPM stopped the outbreak in its tracks. (The same can be said of UV-C disinfection solutions, which leads us to conclude that, together, these engineered solutions will have a game-changing effect in suppressing the COVID-19-pandemic.)

During our visit we will be able to advise on how you can keep CO2 levels low to ensure that your workforce is safer and is working effectively with cleaner air.